Deadline extension: responses to the SCIRA Pilot CfP are now due by Wednesday, May 1

The SCIRA Pilot is intended to prototype advances in public safety and reduction of risk through interoperable sharing of city data and flexible incorporation of inexpensive Web-connected sensors. The Pilot will run across multiple cities to refine elements of interoperable smart city architecture through implementation and testing in functional, ‘real world’ applications and services. This process of iterative refinement and interactive development will result in a reference architecture that is both feasible and effective for smaller municipalities to adopt. The pilot will also lead to improved deployment guides that reduce the risk that the reference architecture becomes simply ‘shelfware.’ Pilot participants will create prototype applications that help reduce implementation risks and illuminate usage opportunities for key parts of the architecture, while deployment guides updated from the pilot experience will provide to key Smart City staff useful, practical, and actionable direction that is consistent with the reference architecture.

The SCIRA Pilot will conclude with a demonstration intended to establish a reusable example of SCIRA-based deployment by demonstrating capabilities employed for a real-world scenario; the SCIRA-trial deployment will show how cities can reap the benefits of standards-based interoperability. These benefits will be documented in public engineering reports as well as in refinement of the SCIRA architecture itself and accompanying deployment guides.

OGC invites you to participate in the SCIRA Pilot by responding to the Call For Participation, available in either HTML or PDF formats.

  • CFP Released March 29, 2019
  • Q&A Webinar April 11, 2019 @ 11am EDT -- Webinar recording
  • CFP responses are due May 1, 2019 to
  • Pilot kicks off in mid-May 2019
  • Pilot concludes with a final demonstration in September 2019
  • Updated SCIRA Viewpoints and Deployment Guides are finalized for release in October 2019.